We Had a Baby in a Third World Country

Universal healthcare can provide positive experiences even in third world countries

Image by pexels from pixabay

Plans and Expectations vs Reality

My wife and I are big hippies, we’re very naturalistic and childbirth is no exception. In Salvador, the capital of the state we live in, there is a famous maternity center called ‘Mansão do Caminho’ (Mansion of the Way) where a doula accompanies every guest, and the births are extremely humanized. This means that everything in during the labor is centered around the mother and the child. The position the mom will deliver, the lighting, the location — these are all determined by the mother and what makes her feel comfortable. It is about empowering and humanizing the act of giving birth.

Getting there

Once my wife’s water broke, we got in the car with my father and my brother, and we showed up to the emergency entrance at Maria Magalhães. We went to the registration desk and I said my wife’s water broke, she has high blood pressure, we’re ready to go here. The receptionist took our documents, fifteen minutes later we were called into a room to do some tests, take blood pressure, listen to heartbeats — all the preliminary work.

Getting Comfortable

Once we got to the labor/delivery room, we stayed mostly to ourselves. The doctors and nurses would come back to check in on everything every hour or two to make sure everything was going okay.

The Birth

Around one o’clock, a volunteer doula noticed some screaming and came to the rescue!


Once the baby was born and all the commotion was done, doctors and nurses and doulas out of the room, we settled down.

Newly-wed with a baby. Writing about Culture, Language, and Travel. Occasionally I publish pieces of advice to myself about writing or put my degree to work

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